The Team


Robert Rhodes: Founder

Exercise, and running in particular, are my passions. It is in these two things that I find peace, happiness and an overall sense of well-being. 

After years living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered a passion for running and exploring the outdoors. I started running trails in the Marin Headlands and in the redwood forests just south of San Francisco and in the process learned that these trails were little known to other runners. Soon what started out as my daily meditation turned into a new endeavor. I created BayTrailrunners for the people of the world who share my enthusiasm for nature, exercise and the sport of trailrunning.

Most recently I greatly expanded my activities to reach an international audience. In partnership with GoTrail Media, a South African film production company, I now host the Trails in Motion Film Festival for all of Northern California. You can find dates and locations for my tour at Dirtbagger Film Syndicate.

If you are the type of person that revels in dirt, trees, rock, water, air and sweat, I welcome you.