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The race starts high up along Skyline Boulevard in San Mateo, CA in the Purisima Creek North Ridge parking lot. Runners begin with a sharp downhill before entering Harkins Ridge Trail. This single track trail offers some pretty amazing views of the coast and the wooded valley within the preserve. At the next intersection, runners take a hard left on to the Craig Britton trail and plunge freely into the depths of the redwoods. A cool canopy of trees keeps it nice and shady as the racers traverse the hillside that soon joins with the Purisima Creek fire road. Head left and follow the fire road all the way up to Skyline Blvd. and the first water station. Here you'll turn back and head back downhill. Still moving deeper into the forest, the sights and sounds of the forest can be enjoyed along Purisima as runners near their next uphill challenge. With climbing legs ready, the runners will take a left up Grabtown Gulch trail and follow it upwards to a hydration, fruit and electrolyte aid stop. Go straight through after getting a drink and run to the turnaround gate at Tunitas Creek Road. Turn back and start a long decent down the Borden Hatch Mill Trail which will usher you back out to Purisima Creek. Runners go left as they depart Borden Hatch and move to the fully stocked aid stop at the Purisima Higgins Road parking area. Moving forward, runners will be directed to cross a bridge, head left and pick up Whittemore Gulch. This numbing uphill with thick redwood groves and immaculate single track takes runners to a stunning view of the coast. The uphill journey continues along Whittemore and soon syncs up with the North Ridge trail. Runners will stay straight on a flat section of North Ridge for a much deserved breather. Stay left at the intersection with Harkins Ridge and go through the gate back up to the start. Now get ready for the second loop!

After loading up on aid, head back down Harkins and follow it all the way downhill to the aid station at the bottom of Purisima. Head left over the bridge and fuel up again for your climb up Borden Hatch. You came down this on your first loop so it should all be familiar to you. Back at the intersection with Grabtown, get yourself hydrated and follow the trail down to Purisima. Take a sharp left at the intersection and you will run back to the Purisima aid station for your final visit. The last section of the run is capped with another fun climb up Whittemore which we know you are going to love. If you are still able to read and walk, just follow the ribbons and signs to the finish. See you there!

* Please keep in mind that not all GPS devices will render the same distances and elevation profiles. The detailed information gathered and displayed is provided by 3rd-parties and BayTrailrunners LLC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. It’s close enough to guarantee a great time!

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