Ole' Buckeye

Wunderlich Park
Woodside, CA

Fast Facts:
Distance: 10.1 Miles
Elevation Gain: 2290 Feet
Water, fire road, single track, hills, redwoods

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Wunderlich Park is just the right spot for runners of any level to experience some of the amazing trail systems found on the mid-peninsula.  The entrance to the park is close to downtown Woodside along Highway 84 and easily accessible from 280.  For convenience, the folks at Wunderlich have provided water for park users in the main lot.  I like to fill up here before heading out on the journey.

We begin by entering Alambique trail and follow it up through dense redwood and eucalyptus groves to a four way intersection of trails known as the "Crossroads". Continue through the intersection and stay left to pickup Skyline Trail for more climbing.  Soon you will find yourself at the gate along Skyline and Bear Gulch Road. Congrats! You just ran uphill for 5 miles!  Relax here for a bit to fuel up and prep for the run back down.  

Head downward through the hillside on Alambique, back to the "Crossroads" and stay to your left. The next intersection to take is with Bear Gulch.  This path takes you to an scenic open meadow and into the last leg of the run.  Stay focused on Bear Gulch as you can really pick up the pace and cruise swiftly to the finish along some of Woodside's finest groomers.  We have it so nice here!