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San Francisco Bay Area Trailrunning

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Group Trail Running Portal

Here is your portal to the many circuits BayTrailrunners has developed. We have three branches based on location and level of difficulty. Tenderfoot for the novice, and Battery and North Bay for both the grizzled vet and newcomer. Group runs will be coordinated every week and posted on the Events Calendar. The pace of each route can vary and is generally decided by the group collectively at the start. Walking is perfectly fine, especially on the uphills, and rendezvous points will be decided ahead of time.

Plan to arrive on time. Bring water and enough calories to get you through. For routes over 8 miles we recommend bringing water on the trail in the form of a small hand bottle or hydration pack, depending on distance and personal preference.

BayTrailrunners continues to grow in members and new events. When you're ready to lace up for a run, please take a moment to sign up for the Email List to stay informed.

Midpeninsula Battery
I started running the trails along the Midpeninsula for my own pleasure and in the process learned that there were limited resources where I could find good information on the sport. Let BayTrailrunners be your go to means for San Francisco Bay Area Trailrunning!
 » Check-out Battery

The Tenderfoot Series is how BayTrailrunners introduces the sport to the new kid on the block. These trailruns were crafted with the novice or returning runner in mind. Now you too can run some trail!
 » Onward to Tenderfoot

North Bay
For those interested in running north of San Francisco and in other parts of the Bay Area, please checkout our North Bay series.
 » Ahead to The North Bay

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