Coastal Marin 50K

Date: New date coming soon
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Event: 50K
Location: Olema to San Francisco
Pricing: $75
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The Coastal Marin 50K is not a competitive race, but rather an adventure run open to all long-distance trail runners. The course is non-technical with moderately difficult climbs, and aid will be provided. It is perfect for first-time 50k runners looking for a supportive team-oriented event, as well as seasoned athletes looking to take a break from racing and hardcore training. Our route begins in Olema at the Bolinas Ridge trailhead, then heads south to Mt. Tamalpais and on to San Francisco. The stunning course hits all the classic trails of the Bay Area in a gorgeous uninterrupted chain: Bolinas Ridge, Coastal, Matt Davis, Dipsea, and Miwok, ending with a triumphant crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge!

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Admission into the run will be based on a few questions you'll need to answer during registration. You will not be charged until we review your answers and grant your entry into the run! Understand that this is done to ensure everybody's safety and enjoyment in one of the world's most beautiful ultras!

The Dirt

This is not a race! If you are looking for a timed event and would like to run fast, please visit our race page.  We want to be social and enjoy the experience together so we ask that you run with the group as best as you can.   If you leave the group and venture out to finish on your own, it violates the conditions of the permit and the insurance.  Please don't be the one that puts yourself and the preservation of this amazing run in jeopardy.

This is NOT a hike! While it would make a lovely day stroll, we don't want this adventure to go past sunset.  Please be prepared and ready to run a 50k.

While having run an ultra before is not a requirement, I do prefer that you have done at least one trail marathon. We are all dependent on mobile aid stations manned with informed volunteers as we move south towards San Francisco. Runners who are too slow will keep the vehicles from getting to it's next stop while runners who move too fast will not find aid when they need it. Finishing as a group will be hard but we can all stay close enough together and take time to enjoy the beauty of the course, chat with new friends, take some great photos and experience a great accomplishment.

Early morning start

Meet at 6:30AM in San Francisco at the Storey Ave. and Lincoln intersection.  We'll park across the street in the lot for Battery Godfrey
Parking is free. Please leave valuables out of sight to prevent break ins!
We will board a chartered bus and depart for Olema at 7:00AM
During the ride up we can talk about the details of the run
Arrive in Olema to start our journey at 8AM
Aid will be provided at miles 11, 18, 23, 26, and finish


Check out the Course Preview produced by our friends at UltraSportsLive TV!

Ultrarunning Magazine called it "An Utterly Friendly and Fun Ultra".
Seen in Trail Runner Magazine, "Cows, Fog and Lady Gaga Tats".


$75.00: This includes a chauffeured van to the start with all necessary aid provided along the route.
There is a 24 runner limit to this event. Refunds: Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to future BayTrailrunners events. BayTrailrunners however, will be happy to send you a 75% or 50% entry coupon if you let us know at least 2 weeks or 48 hours before the event, respectively.

More Info

Marking: The course will be marked as we move along so the back of the pack and sweep can find their way. Details will be explained at the pre-run briefing. 

Course measurements: Our data has been collected using Google Earth and cutting edge GPS devices. The detailed information gathered and displayed is provided by 3rd-parties and BayTrailrunners LLC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Provided for reference only. 

Rules: No dogs, bikes, bandits, or setting your own course back. Stay on marked trails that are part of the course.  If you get lost, we won't know where to look for you.  Yield to park personnel and other visitors. Do not litter. Thank the volunteers! 

Aid Stations: We will meet Mobile Aid Vehicles at miles 11, 18, 23, 26, and finish.  There is no turning back once you have stocked up and moved on for the next section.  Expect fruit, carbs, sweets, gels, electrolytes and water.  We strongly recommend that all runners carry some form of hydration pack or water bottle throughout the run. 

Restrooms:  At the start, where we park our cars there is one very disappointing  porta-potty.  Use it if you must or wait out the 45 minute bus ride to the start of our run.  Once there, you will be able to use some wide open nature to take care of things.  Carry TP with you just in case.  At the Pantol Ranger Station (18 mile mark) and Tennessee Valley (26 miles), you will find some wonderful accommodations to take advantage of. 

Refunds: Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to future BayTrailrunners events. We will however, be happy to send you a 75% or 50% entry coupon if you let us know at least 2 weeks or 48 hours before the event, respectively. If you fail to show up to the run without prior notice, you forfeit all credits and reimbursements.