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Trails In Motion Film Festival 2017 - San Francisco Bay Area

BayTrailrunners Tour Dates
Jan. 28 - Sports Basement - Campbell »
May 4 - 32Ten Studios - San Rafael
May 28 - Western States Training Camp - State Theatre Auburn
June 16 - Lake Tahoe - Broken Arrow Skyrace

The Films
The Hard Way, One Step At A Time, Running Wild, Iceland - Change Your Life, The Crown Traverse, Life On The Fells, Miles Away, Thirty Hours, Mount Marathon


BayTrailrunners has partnered with Go Trail Media, South Africa, to bring exciting films and documentaries about trailrunning to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Trails in Motion Film Festival is a project aimed at creating an artistic and engaging platform to showcase the imaginative and awe-inspiring trail running film productions of both local and international film makers.

The Film Festival will capture the true spirit of trail running through the screening of high quality films and documentaries. Ultimately, the Festival strives to develop an exciting social and visual experience for everyone who shares a connection with the trail and a deep appreciation for the creative expression of others.

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