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Whiskey Hill Redwood Run - 10K, Half and Full Marathon

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Whiskey Hill Redwood Run
Date: October 22
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Event: 10K | Half | Marathon
Location: Huddart Park - Woodside, CA

  •  10K: $45.00 - $50.00 on race day
  •  Half Marathon: $50.00 - $55.00 on race day
  •  Marathon: $60.00 - $65.00 on race day

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While the wild west days of lumbering and moonshining are gone, you can still run the old roads and trails the teamsters and bullwhackers once used to haul their loads out of the redwood forests. During this bygone era, Whiskey Hill in Woodside, CA really lived up to its name offering strong local brews to loggers and travelers while "taking tea" during their commute up and over the Santa Cruz Mountains. You won't be served any brew or shine during this run but we will provide you with all the necessary favorites among the trail running community.

The BayTrailrunners Whiskey Hill Redwood Run is a competitive 10K, Half and full Marathon trail race open to all levels of runners. It will be run through the lush redwood forests of Huddart Park in Woodside, CA, is mostly non-technical with moderate climbs. Experts can use this race to measure their progress while first time racers looking for a new challenge will find this to be an excellent starting point to their trail racing adventures. At the finish, hang around and join us for cold beverages and snacks.

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