Grizzly Ryder

Huddart Park and Phleger Estate
Woodside, CA

Fast Facts:
Distance: 9.5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1,967 Feet
Water, fire road, single track, hills, redwoods

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The start of this run is at the bottom of Riamundo in Woodside, CA.  I park in a small culdesac at the end of Marva Oaks in Woodside and run a short stretch of pavementr before I find the trail head for Huddart at the bottom of Raimundo Road.  This path takes me across a bridge and on to Richard's Road.  Taking a right, I follow Richard's to the entry to the Phleger Estate and run on Miramontes, through a very peaceful stretch of redwoods and alongside a quite creek.  

The next intersection of trails is where the fun uphill begins.  coming out of Miramontes, I pick up the steep and technical Mt. Redondo.  This trail starts out with an all out grind up a pretty steep grade.  Enjoy this slower pace and you can better appreciate the vast forest that surrounds you.  When I reach the next trail intersection I pick up Lonely Trail and continue my journey skyward.