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Whistle Punk - The Deuce Race Report

Going "Full Ass" at the Inaugural 2018 Whistle Punk Deuce” - Scott Dunlap

Many of you know Scott Dunlap as a runner, tech luminary and all around good guy. He also writes some great stories in, "A Trail Runner's Blog". On October 23, 2018 he posted what will be a favorite of mine for many years to come, where he wrote about his day at Whistle Punk - The Deuce.

It's a huge honor to hear this kind of praise from such a well respected ambassador of this wild sport of ours. I have many to thank for helping me at this race but because of his good nature, Scott did the job for me. Thank you!

Vista Verde Skyline Run Race Report

When Sarah Lavender Smith signed up for the Vista Verde Skyline Run, I knew I had to work extra hard to make sure the race was flawless.  For years I've been following her writing with Trail Runner MagazineUltraRunning Magazine, and her work with Ultrarunnerpodcast. She even wrote "The Trail Runner's Companion", an entire book about the sport! Wow, I really needed to be on my RD game for this one.  Well, judging from her recent 50k race report at Vista Verde, I'm happy to say that all went well. Maybe even better than expected?

I really wanted to create a beautiful new course for runners so they could go out and encounter something more than just a race. I had no idea that it would bring about the emotions, joy and reflections that Sarah experienced and wrote about in her blog, The Runner's Trip: Run Long, Travel Far, Discover More.



Trail Runner Nation Podcast

Robert Rhodes joins Trail Runner Nation to talk about the biggest film festival for runners that is taking place all over the world!  The Trails In Motion Film Festival is an annual international film tour that brings a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. Join like-minded trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts at film festival-styled events in more than 30 countries.

Also hear Rob's story about how he got into running and why he built BayTrailrunners.

American Trail Running Association

ATRA Trail Ambassador. Without a doubt, this is the highest of #trailstoke honors I have ever received! Huge thanks to Nancy Hobbs and Richard Bolt of the American Trail Running Association, and ATRA Trail Ambassador sponsors, CamelBak for recognizing my calling.

I have met and worked with so many great people that helped me get here, and mentioning all of them would be too huge of a task!  You know who you are and I am very grateful!  I would just like to thank James Hallett and Chris Blagg for their enduring support and loyalty. I love these #trailbros!

Please welcome the fourth of our 2017 American Trail Running Association (ATRA) Trail Ambassadors presented by CamelBak. We’re proud to introduce you to Robert Rhodes, a trail runner who builds community through film promotion, race directing, writing, and photography.

Enjoy the story!



Trail Runner Nation Podcast

So honored and thankful to Trail Runner Nation for hosting me and Myles Smythe in an exclusive Studio G podcast. Don Freeman and Scott Warr keep it rolling with all their witty quips and barbs while Andy Jones-Wilkins's encyclopedic knowledge of all things ultra never ceases to amaze me. Have a listen as we discuss the 2016 Trails In Motion Film Festival and headliner This Is Your Day Film.

Over the last few years, there have been a surprising increase in the number of films about trail running.  These films help capture the culture of our sport.  Film-maker, Myles Smythe and film festival organizer, Robert Rhodes join The Nation to speak about this phenomenon.  We are also graced by the always entertaining whit and wisdom of ultra running’s only Andy Jones-Wilkins.

Ultrarunning Magazine

"An Utterly Friendly and Fun Ultra". I experienced some knee-weakening levels of #trailstoke when my article about the Coastal Marin 50K appeared in the pages of UltraRunning Magazine.  Cris Gebhardt gets big photo cred with his prize shot of Victor Ballesteros, Mike Welsh and Andrew Lie. #ultralife

The BayTrailrunners Coastal Marin 50K is not a competitive race, but rather an adventure run open to all long-distance trail runners. The course is non-technical with moderately difficult climbs, and aid will be provided. It is perfect for first-time 50k runners looking for a supportive team-oriented event, as well as seasoned athletes looking to take a break from racing and hardcore training. Our route begins in Olema at the Bolinas Ridge trailhead, then heads south to Mt. Tamalpais and on to San Francisco. The stunning course hits all the classic trails of the Bay Area in a gorgeous uninterrupted chain: Bolinas Ridge, Coastal, Matt Davis, Dipsea, and Miwok, ending with a triumphant crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge!

An Utterly Friendly and Fun Ultra - By: Robert Rhodes

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